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Aquableu’s therapy grade natural sweet orange is a 100% pure and undiluted essential oil, without additives, chemicals or alcohol. Sweet orange essential oil has the ability to influence and enhance your moods, well-known for its uplifting and worry-reducing properties. With regular use, sweet orange essential oil gives you more control of your physical and mental energy, giving you a boost of liveliness when needed. Its pleasant and calming scent supports your immune system, helping your body to reduce aches and everyday pains, decrease stress, relieve headaches and soothe an upset stomach. Due to its special anti-inflammatory properties, when applied topically, sweet orange oil can treat skin conditions like acne, and reduce acne scarring. Full of Vitamin C, sweet orange oil can be used for your hair to moisturize brittle hair while soothing an irritated scalp. For effective results and maximum absorption to the skin, use with a carrier oil.

Aquableu approaches hair care simply. Our haircare formula uses pure, natural ingredients combined with soothing fragrances and essential oils resulting in happier, healthier hair.

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