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Invigorate, Purify & Soothe

Aquableu Sweet Orange Vanilla Conditioner is a silicone-free, deep moisturizing conditioner. With its Aloe and water base combined with sea buckthorn, sweet orange essential oil, vanilla, argan oil, shea butter, silk amino acids, and jojoba oil, this formula moisturizes hair without extra weight or coating with harmful silicones.

Its powerful combination smooths the texture of hair strands while soothing an irritated scalp with its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. This formula is perfect for those prone to dandruff because of product build-up and other scalp issues. Infuse hair with vitamin C, an essential nutrient for hair growth, and prevent hair loss by strengthening the hair at the roots and stimulating growth. Rehydrates and builds collagen acting as a barrier that seals the hair cuticle, protecting from fading and damage.
Key Ingredients

Sweet Orange

Plenty of people drink orange juice to enjoy an immunity boost – the same boost that can be enjoyed via orange oil. Enjoy stronger and healthier skin and hair in addition to strengthened immunity with natural orange oil.

Aquableu approaches hair care simply. Our haircare formula uses pure, natural ingredients combined with soothing fragrances and essential oils resulting in happier, healthier hair.

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