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Gives You Silky-Smooth Hair

Aquableu’s Sweet Orange Vanilla Conditioner deeply hydrates and moisturizes, leaving your hair soft, shiny and strong from root to tip. Made with 100% all-natural ingredients, Sweet Orange Vanilla Conditioner is full of Vitamins B, C and other essential minerals, to help hydrate your dry, brittle hair, without weighing it down. Special antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties from the orange and vanilla will soothe an irritated scalp, and fight against scalp conditions like dandruff. Specially designed to give hair the essential moisture it needs to look and feel healthier, the lightweight formula will leave your hair softer, stronger and fuller than ever before.

Aquableu approaches hair care simply. Our haircare formula uses pure, natural ingredients combined with soothing fragrances and essential oils resulting in happier, healthier hair.

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Sweet Orange Vanilla Conditioner
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