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Aquableu´s Natural Tea Tree Oil Conditioner, like its shampoo, has multiple revitalizing properties that work wonders on the scalp. Tea tree oil reduces itchiness on the scalp because of its antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It strengthens the skin on the scalp to prevent infections and reduce the itchiness and greasiness associated with dandruff. Tea tree oil unclogs the hair follicles by flushing out toxins and nourishes the scalp and follicles strengthening the roots of the hair and promoting hair growth! Natural tea tree essential oil mixed with jojoba oil and other moisturizers balances oil and promotes blood flow. The insecticidal property of tea tree oil is effective against head lice. It prevents buildup of chemicals, oils and dead skin, which means that the hair and scalp remain healthy and moisturized.
Key Ingredients

Tea Tree

Fresh from the Australian tea tree leaf, tea tree oil has recently experienced a popularity-boom. So powerful that it can fight lice with medicinal strength, tea tree oil is also gentle enough to soften and soothe both skin and hair.

Aquableu approaches hair care simply. Our haircare formula uses pure, natural ingredients combined with soothing fragrances and essential oils resulting in happier, healthier hair.

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