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Hair Nourishing Secrets of Lavender Shampoo

For centuries, lavender has been used in healthy and beauty routines. Recognised instantly by its sweet, floral scent, and lush purple colour, lavender seems to be everywhere today: In cosmetics, in aromatherapy essential oils, in medicine and even in the kitchen. This is because lavender can help improve and deepen your sleep, treat acne, reduce blood pressure and repel mosquitoes, but it is also a great remedy for anxiety, stress and fatigue. Could lavender get any better? Yes, lavender has incredible properties for your hair, that make it one of the best nourishing shampoo and fortifying shampoo around.

Lavender Is Great for Your Scalp

What does antimicrobial mean? You often hear this term associated with certain hair care products, and lavender is one of them! In the haircare industry, a shampoo that has special antimicrobial properties helps prevent bacteria and fungi from growing on your scalp and hair. This aids common hair and scalp issues, such as infections, itchy scalp and it can even stop and soothe dandruff. Struggling with any of these? Lavender should be your new “go-to”!

Lavender Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

Why wash your hair with any old shampoo, when you can use one also helps promote healthy hair growth?! Lavender not only stimulates your scalp, helping your hair to grow faster, it can thicken your locks as well! Luckily, it is gentle enough to use on all hair types, which means there is no reason for you not to try it out.

Lavender is Nourishing and Fortifying

Maximize the health of your hair to restore lustre, shine and moisture. Lavender is deeply nourishing and provides your hair with much needed hydration, while gently removing impurities from the scalp. When looking for an all-natural lavender shampoo, be sure to check the list of ingredients for “lavender essential oil” or “lavender hydrolate”. This will ensure your hair will get the most benefits from this nourishing shampoo. Most importantly, you’ll want you lavender fortifying shampoo to be free of harsh chemicals, like sulfates, parabens and silicones, or the incredible benefits found in lavender shampoo will not work for your hair.

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