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About Us

Our Mission

“Invest in your hair. It is the crown you never take off.” ~Casa Vera Here at Aquableu, we aim to innovate in the world of hair care in order to help you look and feel clean. With our carefully selected formulas, we want you to feel confident about your hair.

Our History

We started our journey as a retailer, carrying a variety of different brands with the promise of pure and natural formulas. What we found were shampoos filled with too many artificial chemicals and additives, and from there we knew the issue we had to solve: haircare products with a formula as simple as the ingredients they come from.

After perfecting our base formula, we found ourselves with an endless amount of opportunities to explore. We handpicked our favorite scents and reduced the formula to its simplest form. We saw the limits for a large variety of hair types needing the same attention. That’s when we introduced our specialized formulas. We found the perfect ingredients used to address different aspects of achieving healthy hair. For example, biotin is used to help promote hair growth for naturally thin hair types.

Our Future

Our future at Aquableu includes you. We want you to both look and feel healthy using our products. From our haircare sets to our skincare line of massage oils made with natural ingredients, we are always looking for ways to improve and grow as a company for your benefit. We look forward to continuously finding new ways to bring products you trust into your home