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How To Add Volume to Your Hair – Use Charcoal Shampoo!

Some people are blessed with beautiful, voluminous hair, but for those who don’t have volume naturally, it can be incredibly frustrating. Luckily, volume is always achievable, it just takes a bit more work, starting with the best volumizing shampoo. If it feels like some days your hair is very full-bodied, but other times, your hair could not be flatter -- that is normal! Why does your hair do this? Some things to consider when trying to give your hair more volume are the changing weather and seasons. You already know weather and seasons can affect more than just your body and mood, it can also alter your hair and how you care for it. Also, the products you use make all the difference. Are you using the best clarifying shampoo? You’ll want to include that in your weekly hair care routine! From the way you part your hair, to how you dry it after a shower, and even the products you use, there are many tips to help give you volume, but charcoal shampoo is the best place to start!

Why Use Charcoal Shampoo?

If you’re not already using the best volumizing shampoo, which if you haven’t guessed by now is a charcoal shampoo, you aren’t doing justice to your fine, limp hair. Charcoal has special volumizing properties, but what makes it so beneficial to your hair is that it’s also one of the best clarifying shampoos you can use. Did you know that activated charcoal helps cleanse impurities from your scalp? This all-natural ingredient is surprisingly powerful, and it has immediate results on your hair. Charcoal gently and effectively removes dirt, product build up, chemicals, silicones, waxes and parabens from your scalp, while helping to balance your natural sebum levels, more commonly known as your scalps essential oil. With all that gunk gone, the pores on your scalp can breathe and the activated charcoal will boost volume in your fine, flat hair, making it feel thicker and look fuller. Because it is so strong, you only need to use charcoal shampoo once a week to add volume to your hair! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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