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How To Cleanse Your Scalp Naturally

You might wash and conditioner your hair regularly, but how often do you cleanse your hair and scalp? No, unfortunately washing and cleansing are not the same thing – not exactly. A hair cleanse, also known as a deep clean or hair detox, should be done semi-regularly, especially if you want beautiful, strong hair, and a healthy scalp. A cleanse will gently lift and remove all kinds of natural, synthetic and environmental build-up, that would otherwise stay on your scalp and smother it. If you find your hair is flat, dull, limp or greasy, or there is a lot of visible residue in your hair and on your scalp, it’s time for a cleanse.  
There are a few different ways that you can cleanse your hair: Create a home remedy, get it done professionally at a salon or buy a natural shampoo that will not only wash, but also cleanse your hair.  
By using a home remedy, you run the risk of not fully understanding the ingredients and potentially causing damage to your hair. Just because you read it on the internet, does not mean it will work for your hair. And when it comes to the salon, their secret is using the right product. If you buy the right all-natural shampoo, the results will be the same, but for a fraction of the price, and with no risk of damaging your locks.  

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Tea tree oil is a natural cleanser, not just for hair, but for skin as well. The unique properties found in a tea tree oil shampoo make it your ideal choice for a healing shampoo and cleansing shampoo, as it not only lifts unwanted build-up from the scalp but soothes it as well. Remember that tea tree oil shampoo is different from the oil itself and should never be put directly on the scalp undiluted.  

Peppermint Shampoo

If you want to pull toxins out of your scalp, while adding the right minerals and nutrients, consider using a peppermint shampoo. This cleansing shampoo will deeply detoxify all the residue stuck to your hair and scalp, leaving you with gorgeous locks. The benefits of choosing a peppermint shampoo is the cooling effect it leaves on your scalp, while allowing the hair to breathe. It’s not only a brilliant cleansing shampoo, but also promotes new hair growth.

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