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How To Gently Cleanse Your Scalp

Did you know that the products you use on your hair leaves a trace of residue on your scalp? Every. Single. One. Whether it’s your shampoo and conditioner, a heat protecting spray, that sweet smelling hair mask or your super handy dry shampoo, these products stay on your scalp and in your hair, even after you’ve washed it. To get rid of this build-up, you’re going to need something a little bit stronger than just regular shampoo… you need a cleansing shampoo. Now, a quick Google search of “how to cleanse your hair” will come back with a ton of at home DIY hair masks or treatments for you to try, but the risk in picking one is that you don’t know if it will work and it could possibly make your hair worse. Sticking with a shampoo specially designed to cleanse your hair, like tea tree oil shampoo, you can guarantee to gently cleanse your scalp right, from the very first try.

Tea tree oil is an essential oil used in medicine, aromatherapy, cosmetics and hair care products around the world. It comes from the leaves of the native Australian plant, Melaleuca Alternifolia, and has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that, when used in shampoos and conditioners, help treat many common scalp conditions. Gentle enough to use on all hair types, tea tree oil really works at deep cleaning your scalp to unclog hair follicles and remove all the unhealthy build-up from your scalp.

The trick to gently cleansing your scalp is to use this shampoo only when needed. For most people, once every two weeks is enough, but if you have oily hair or use a lot of product between washes, you can use a cleansing shampoo once every week alongside your usual hair care products. Tea tree oil shampoo will help remove that stubborn build up, without weighing your hair down or stripping it of its essential oils. What are you waiting for? Give it a try and see the immediate results for yourself! Most importantly, make sure your product is all-natural, to ensure that your hair not only gets a deep clean, but absorbs all the healthy nutrients.

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