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How To Volumize Your Hair

Having flat hair can be very frustrating, especially because it can be so hard to manage. If you spend ages curling or styling your hair, only for it to all fall out shortly after, you’re not alone. Not everyone is blessed with naturally beautiful, voluminous hair. Don’t get down and feel too flat about it though, as there are natural ways to help increase volume in your fine hair.

Don’t Over Wash

The more you wash your hair, the less volume you will have. When it comes to shampooing your hair, less is always more. Your hair produces natural oils, that are the key ingredient to maintaining healthy, lifted hair. Over washing will make your hair to look and feel dirty much quicker, and strips natural oils from the root, taking with it any potential volume your hair could have had.

Switch Up Your Part and Styles

Chances are, you have a favourite parting for your hair. It doesn’t matter where that parties lies, but you should know that using that same part over and over will cause your hair to fall flat. When trying to increase volume, it is about keeping your roots lifted. Believe it or not, your hair will get bored if you leave it down for too many days in a row, but the same goes for wearing it up too often as well. Try wearing it up one day and down the next, and if you plan on wearing it down for a few days, change your parting. For lots of volume, pull you hair from one side to the other while dry. Nervous about looking a little crazy or lopsided with a new parting? Make the switch while your hair is wet.

Use Charcoal Shampoo

The best volumizing shampoo you can use is one containing charcoal. Charcoal, when used in a natural clarifying shampoo, is the perfect ingredient to deep clean your hair, lifting chemicals, silicones, waxes and parabens from your scalp. With all that gunk gone, the activated charcoal will boost volume in fine, straight hair, making it feel thicker and look fuller. For fresh and lightweight hair, with the perfect added touch of volume, charcoal is the best volumizing shampoo for you!

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