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Importance of Lemongrass Essential Oil

If you’re wondering what lemongrass is and why it is an important essential oil for your body and mind, you’re not alone. Tea-drinkers already know a cup of lemongrass tea has incredible health and medicinal properties, but the list of benefits this versatile plant can offer you is surprisingly long. Lemongrass, also known as citronella grass, is a perennial grass that grows in tropical climates. It smells and tastes exactly as you would imagine, which is why it is so popular in Thai and Vietnamese cooking. In essential form, lemongrass is an antibacterial essential oil that balances your skin and reduces acne, but it can also reduce muscle pain, ease anxiety and boost your mood. Once you learn about all the great things lemongrass essential oil can do for you, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t been using it sooner.

Lemongrass For Your Mind

Lemongrass essential oil will help balance your mind and feelings. A few drops directly applied to your skin mixed in your aromatherapy essential oil diffuser and inhaled, can help give you a boost of positivity and heighten the awareness and control you have over your emotions. This helps to fight against stress and anxiety in particular. The healing properties of lemongrass rejuvenate and stimulate your mind, offering your mind more energy against mental exhaustion and a deeper, stronger ability to concentrate. It can also soothe an overactive mind, and remove any feelings of nervousness.

Lemongrass For Your Body

Throughout history, lemongrass has been known to help fight severe fevers. With antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, lemongrass has many more healing properties for the body. Nowadays, its most commonly used to reduce muscle pain to give you relief and release of any muscle tensions, muscle spasms and swelling. In particular, it can target neck tension, headaches and even menstrual cramps. This antibacterial essential oil also helps balance oily skin and reduce acne, slowly unblocking pores and soothing pimples until they clear away. For best results, mix into a cream and apply directly to your skin, massaging the targeted area to deeply absorb.

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