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Importance of Natural Essential Oils

Pure essential oils are a gift from the earth, and have incredible health benefits for your body and mind. To really enjoy everything your natural essential oils has to offer, it can be used in two ways: inhaled or applied directly to the skin. Whether you’re an essential oil beginner or already familiar with them, having a variety of oils, here are 6 essential oils you should know about and start using now!


Feel calm with lavender essential oil. Lavender oil comes from the lavender plants flower spikes. In health and medicine, lavender represents purity, serenity, grace and calmness, so its unsurprising that lavender oil is known for improving sleep, reducing anxiety and soothing anxiety. Its distinctly sweet yet delicate scent has earthy, floral and herbal undertones.


Have a healthier, happier body with a touch of rosemary essential oil. Rosemary oil is distilled from the needle like leaves of a rosemary plant. It has special anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which makes it an excellent remedy for skin conditions. Its unique scent of evergreen and citrus is very soothing and can help manage stress and balance your moods. Rosemary oil can also alleviate pain, enhance memory, strengthen your immune system and repel bugs.  
Eucalyptus Breathe easier with eucalyptus essential oil. Eucalyptus oil comes from the oval-shaped leaves of the Australian eucalyptus tree, and has been used for centuries to remedy and cure a variety of minor diseases. Eucalyptus has a scent of pine and mint, with a hint of honey, and is most commonly used for treating respiratory ailments, like asthma and sinus infections.


Focus better and sooth your muscles with some peppermint essential oil. Peppermint oil is extracted from the peppermint plant through steam distillation, and it has a cool and refreshing scent. Just a few drops can help improve your focus and stimulate your mind. It’s already known for soothing an upset stomach and nausea, as well as the common cold and headaches. When applied to your skin, it can also sooth itches and sore muscles.


Reduce anxiety and balance your skin with lemongrass essential oil. Lemongrass oil has an earthy, citrus aroma, which can provide therapeutic health benefits while freshening up a room. Lemongrass is extremely calming, and is known for decreasing tension, anxiety and irritability. It can also be used as a toner, to bring back a natural radiant glow to your skin, by directly targeting blocked pores and reducing the appearance of acne.

Sweet Orange

Enhance beauty and relieve tiredness with sweet orange essential oil. The fresh, citrus aroma of sweet orange oil is known to help lift your mood and reduce stress. Oranges are rich in Vitamin C and have special anti-inflammatory properties, which are both essential for healthy, radiant skin. Apply a few drops topically to relieve dry, irritated skin, and help soothe acne and acne scars.   Don’t be afraid to try natural essential oils! Find what works best for you: using your oils in a dehumidifier, applying directly to your skin or mixing them into DIY projects like bath bombs, skin moisturisers and hair treatments. This pure essential oil 6-pack has a little something for everyone and makes a great gift for any occasion.

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