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Natural Hair Beauty Tips

Believe it or not, natural hair is a big commitment. If you want long, healthy, gorgeous, strong locks, natural hair is worth it in the long run, but it will take time and patience before you see the results you want.  

Trim Regularly

There is no such thing as ‘accidentally forgetting to cut your hair for a year or two’. Good try, though. For long, healthy hair, you’re going to have to commit to cutting it regularly. If you don’t want to compromise your length, yes, a trim is still necessary. By trimming every 6-8 weeks, you’re getting rid of any dry, damaged ends, allowing the hair to stay healthy as it grows. Damage can come in the form of split ends, but also occurs from colouring and heat styling tools.    

Stop Colouring Now

There is nothing natural about lightening or darkening your hair. Hair dye is full of chemicals, damaging the natural fibres of your hair and irritating the scalp. Colouring most certainly dries out the hair, leading to significant breakage and split ends. As tempting as it might be to go for a new look or touch up your roots, it will make your hair weaker. To stop colouring and let your hair grow naturally will really test your patience, but thankfully there is a really great trend that might ease this pain, especially if the colour you’ve chosen from your hair is very different from your natural colour: balayage and ombre. Struggling to let it grow, or wanting to make it look a bit more natural in the process? These styles could help you in the long run.    

Use Charcoal Shampoo and Conditioner

Charcoal has been making waves in the beauty and hair care industries in recent years, and a trip to your local store will show just how much of an increase there has been in charcoal products. This natural ingredient, when activated, has been known to effectively detoxify and purify your skin and scalp, even working on your teeth. This is the key ingredient your hair has been missing!   Activated charcoal, when paired with an all-natural charcoal shampoo and conditioner, can unclog pores, lift chemicals and dirt build up from your hair and even sooth the scalp. By gently cleansing the scalp and lifting the weight of parabens, silicones and waxes, charcoal shampoo allows the hair to regain its natural bounce, making it the best volumizing shampoo.  

And just because you’re in the process of decreasing your hair colour treatments, you can still use a charcoal shampoo for the amazing benefits it offers. In fact, because it gently cleanses and purifies, without stripping the colour from your hair, this also makes charcoal shampoo the best shampoo for coloured hair.

If you’re new to charcoal shampoo and conditioner, try to incorporate it into your hair care routine once a week. Within no time, you’ll have healthy, natural, long hair!

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