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Secrets To Long Hairs

Once you decide to grow your hair, it can feel like forever before you actually notice a difference in your length. And when you cut or trim your ends, somehow it feels even longer for your hair to grow back to its previous length and then surpass it. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic lotion that will give you long flowing locks overnight. The key to growing long, healthy hair is patience, and a little bit of TLC.   

Trim, Trim, Trim

It is important to keep your hair healthy, and the best thing you can do is avoid split ends and hair breakage. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Getting a trim every 6-8 weeks can help keep your ends in one piece, but not any sooner than that. Your hair grows between ¼ and ½ an inch each month, so if you’re getting an inch taken off every two months, you’re not going to see much growth, if any at all.  

Avoid Heat Styling

Another cause of dry and damaged hair is excessive heat styling. You’ll always be tempted to curl, straighten or dry your hair when it starts to get longer and more luscious, but this could undo some of the hard work you’ve done growing it. Try to limit how frequently you style your hair using heating tools, and always use a good heat protectant.  

Eat Healthy

A nutritious diet is just as important for your hair as it is for your body. Eating a balanced diet, full of good fats and vitamins, will ensure your hair also get the nutrients it needs to grow long and strong. You can fortify this by using hair products that are all-natural, and contain ingredients known to promote growth, for longer healthy hair.  

Use Biotin

Biotin provides many benefits when it comes to hair growth, which is why it’s one of the main ingredients for most hair-growth shampoos. Also known as B7, biotin is a vitamin found in protein rich foods such as nuts, meat and eggs, and ensures you have the right nutrients to facilitate hair growth, and enable you to grow long, healthy hairs. In addition to finding it in your food or taking supplements, you can try biotin shampoo. Benefit of using a biotin shampoo is that it promotes the production of sebum, a natural oil found in the scalp. This oil moisturises the scalp, which in turn means less breakage, and leads to longer, healthier hair.  

Use an All-Natural Shampoo

The ultimate goal isn’t just longer hair, it should also be healthier and stronger hair. The shampoo you’re currently using might prevent you from achieving this goal, because it could be full or harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Swapping to an all-natural product, specifically a sulfate free shampoo, will help boost your hair because it’s full of vitamins and minerals that nourish and protect against damage. 

Silk and Shine Shampoo

When trying to grow your hair, it’s recommended to try a silk and shine shampoo. The silk and shine shampoo uses raw silk to prevent dehydration, increase natural shine and reduce the chance of breakage, everything your hair needs when trying to thrive.

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