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Tips For Long And Healthy Hairs

Everyone dreams of having gorgeous, long locks, but it seems to take forever for your hair to grow out. Perhaps what you’re currently doing, and not doing, are affecting your chances for long and healthy hair. 

Use The Right Brush

Although any old brush will do the job, having the right brush makes all the difference to your hair. You might be surprised to learn that there are unique brushes for each stage of the hair care process, including brushes for wet hair, detangling and styling. Using the wrong brush will cause breakage and pull the follicle at the root, adding more irritation and damage.

Keep A Balanced Diet

What you put in your body and on your skin will directly affect you, and could hold you back from the results you want to see,. Aim for foods high in vitamins A, C and E, as well as protein and iron, for strong, healthy hair. Try to incorporate more fish, beans, nuts, fruits and vegetables into your diet, and remember to stay well hydrated.

Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

It is possible to wake up with beautiful hair and avoid that morning bed head. Switching to a silk pillowcase will reduce friction, breakage and tangling while you sleep, allowing your hair to stay smooth and soft. Time to ditch that cotton pillowcase that’s trying to steal all your hairs natural moisture.

It’s Time For A Trim

Most people often forget to trim their hair regularly, or at least pretend to forget, but cutting your hair often is very good for you. When getting a haircut, you’re removing broken, dry and split ends. Get a trim every 6-8 weeks, there’s no point waiting any longer to get rid of that damaged hair.

Try Charcoal Shampoos and Conditioners

Charcoal shampoo and charcoal conditioners are good for any hair type, helping to strengthen and repair damage, leading to long and healthy hair. The active ingredient in charcoal shampoos and charcoal conditioners work at cleaning your hair from the root, allowing the pores to open up and breathe. This will combat scalp issues like dandruff and excess oil, while strengthening dry and damaged hair. As with any shampoo though, avoid over washing. Charcoal shampoos and conditioners will offer the best results when used once or twice per week.

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