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When and How To Use Volumizing Shampoo

Some people are blessed with beautiful hair, already full of body, but for others, it can feel like a challenge to get even a touch of volume in your locks. What you need are some volume-building tricks. If your hair is struggling to hold a style, or if it’s looking limp and lifeless, or if your hair is just feeling weighed down, you are in immediate need of a volumizing shampoo. A volumizing shampoo can be used on all hair types and gives your hair an extra needed boost without weighing it down, and the best product to start with is a charcoal shampoo.

Charcoal for Volume

Activated charcoal has taken the beauty and hair care industries by storm in recent years. There are many incredible benefits it can offer your body, but when it comes to your hair, charcoal is both clarifying and volumizing. When your hair is lacking volume, it’s often because your hair is oily, or there is product build-up on your scalp. Charcoal has deeply detoxifying properties that pull-out impurities from your scalp, and gently cleanse away oil, dirt and product build-up. With your scalp now squeaky clean, your hair feels lighter in an instant, giving it the volume and bounce it deserves. Charcoal is gentle enough to use on all hair types and safe for color treated hair.

Thickening Shampoo vs Volumizing Shampoo – Know the difference!

You already know that there are plenty of shampoos and conditioners to choose from, but you want the product that is going to best target the issue you are having. When it comes to adding volume to your hair, don’t be confused by a thickening shampoo. Sometimes “thickening and volumizing” can be found on the same product label, but they do different things for your hair. Although both great for thin hair, thickening shampoo thickens each strand of your hair, adding more protein and collagen for thicker, stronger hair. A shampoo that is volumizing will help your hair look fuller and leave you with more body. Of course, there is no harm in using a shampoo that can do both, but if you want more volume, it’s best to stick to a product that specialises in that alone!

How To Use A Volumizing Shampoo

Good news! It’s super easy to use a volumizing shampoo, because it’s just like using any other shampoo. First, start by wetting your hair thoroughly in cool water, and put a small amount of charcoal shampoo into your hands. When applying to your hair, really focus on your scalp. Make sure to use a “forward-backward” motions when scrubbing, rather than a circular motion, because it is gentler on your hair and will prevent less tangles. It’s also important not to shampoo your ends. Volumizing shampoo is meant for your scalp, so leave the product on for a minute and rinse out, which will run through your ends at this time. For best results, make sure to pair this shampoo with a charcoal conditioner. It will really give you that boost of volume you’ve been looking for!

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